The music that made Europe dance

Dance movements work as a smooth electricity f low that sources immediate happiness and relaxation to the entire human body from its top to bottom. Probably the largest number of dance types is widely evident in the entire Europe. Have a close insight into some different sorts of European folk dances.


During 16th century, Branle was discovered in France. Mainly this dance revolves around celebrating a gala moment. That could be a birthday party, or a wedding ceremony or a Christmas party. This particular dance follows some certain rules. First of all branle is something that minimally requires a bunch of male and female who have to stand side by side, keeping hand in hand. This dance group has to make a circle at first. This type of dance was hugely popular among the spouses or the young women who loved to celebrate a moment in each other’s presence. Generally the French classic music used to accompany this dance performance.


During late 16th century this dance type was invented in Spain at first. It did not take too much time to become highly popular among the Spanish. Soon its uprising popularity brought it into France. Well as far as its technique is concerned sarabande is comprised of some really sloth and calm body movements. It’s said that this dance type was large influenced by the Arabian dance moves. This is the dance of triple meter. The dance music from Europe must have some beautiful beats to match up the movements since this dance highly emphasizes on holding each beat properly.


A very popular folk dance form which was articulated in France. Its name has been taken from the gavotte people of the dauphine. Gavotte always focuses on maintain a soft and mild tempo which must be notated in four by four by four or two by two rhythm. During 18th century this dance form used to get performed in the bars mostly. The soothing bar music was considered to be the most appropriate one for this kind of dance.

Tap dance

Tap dance is all about making sound by touching the dancers shoe upon a hard metal plate. Mainly it’s a unique form of dance that has been evolved from Ireland, Africa, West Indies and England. Well now tap dance has become hugely popular in America. Tap dance is now used to entertain people in a wide range. Even the global movies and the television channels also incline towards adopting tap as a catchy foot lose in order to entertain the mass.


The other famous form of dance is ballet which is the native to Russia. It was invented pretty earlier but got popular almost recently. Well the physical fitness, body flexibility and slenderness of body are must to have features for ballet. Among the all other dance forms ballet is undoubtedly one of the toughest ones. Now days the popularity of ballet has engulfed the whole world. Mainly it’s the foreign movies that tend to exhibit ballet; soothing music, sometimes a little loud music match up the rhythm of ballet.
These dances are derived from different part of Europe. But today altogether they have tied a beautiful harmony almost globally.

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