How music influences European arts

Sometimes mouth remains incapable to speak up when eyes speak volume. Similarly words fail to expose your emotion and feeling sometimes. Its music which speak your heart out. As earth is incomplete without man kinds the nature is incomplete without music which properly describes its beauty and binds the man kinds with the Mother Nature in a string of harmony. The intense impact of European music in the arts is highly evident in the different sorts of art forms as theatre, dance, painting etc. but it’s the opera where the music and art are clustered together.

History of Opera

The concept of opera was first discovered in Italy. Opera is that kind of theatrical performance of a drama, which sharply focuses on showcasing the theme of the drama along with a musical orchestra performance and sometimes dance also become a very important feature of this. Hence acting, singing, costumes, lavish set ups, amazing dance movements all follow a mesmerizing opera performance.
Well during 17th century it was the royal culture and environment which borne out the concept of opera in Italy and France. Mostly opera was invented to entertain the higher or the elite class of the European society. Since the entire performance revolves around representing a very famous and widely told drama in a very aristocratic way. To fulfill this aim plenty of money was spent on making a super magnificent stage, dressing up the participants with some lavishing clothing, arranging the best troop of orchestra. The entire royal ambience of such amphitheatre leaves a strong and awful impression in the spectator’s mind.

Themes of opera

Generally the theme of the opera used to remain religious. Most of the stories used to be adopted from the ancient Greek and roman mythology. Representing the holy religious theme play very crucial role in reviving the ancient mythology on the one hand and on the other to instill the concept that king is just the other persona of almighty god. In these cases mainly ballet dance forms were applied to exhibit the entire act more pleasantly.
Since the opera hinges around mainly the heroic tales or the splendor of god, the prime focus remains on making the stage very much trustworthy and incredibly magnificent. To add the token of reality to the entire live performance sometimes the magnificent art techniques and flawless skill got clustered to form something extraordinary. The rocky archway is one of them, which leaves a royal impression in the whole act.
The very first drama which was staged in the opera house was Daphne by Jacopo peri. However this stage performance was unable to live on in spectator’s mind forever. Soon it got lost in the dark oblivion .but the very next work of peri, Eurydice got huge applause because of its successful onstage presentation.

During 17th century almost all fabulous works of the contemporary dramatists got acted on stage in opera house. The opera culture does not only enrich the European literature, but also brought European culture to the topmost peak of success and global fame.

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