Great Music Venues In Europe Are Magnets For Music And Culture Lovers

Europe is a continent of art and culture, and people here know to live and enjoy life with full influence of great art forms, music, dance etc. Hence the land of Western music, which basically brought music and dance forms like jazz, tap dance, ballet etc to the front seat and eventually before the world, showcases it’s talents through great music venues. The music venues are intended to bring in before the world the great music of Europe in many forms from several countries of Europe. They are places where people who take interest in art and music can explore old memories and new talents, and new talents also get the platform to get the right exposure. The best music venues in Europe are spread all across the continent, and you would find some of the renowned venues in some of the finest European cities, which attract lots of tourists year round.

The Le Grand Rex- Paris

The Le Grand Rex is in Paris and is the largest in the city as well as the country. Established in 1932 it’s actually a cinema house, which is in the art decoration style. The place is famous with the history of great performers who performed here thereby increasing the importance of the house in history of music. Performers like Tori Amos, Wilcos, Tom Waits, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and more have made the place more valuable after their performance here. Now it’s a house of heritage, and in any normal day one would find the floors jam-packed with crowd who loves visiting the place again and again, because of the great ambience. One of the highlights on the interior ambience is the star studded night sky look of the ceiling, that has been attracting masses from the city and abroad.

Barcelona’s Sala Apolo

Punk music and live music with funky ambience and lots of jive is what one would get at the Sala Apolo music house at Barcelona. This is a great place to enjoy music, and the music venue offers two styles. One is a hall with a calm ambience and is fit for music enthusiasts who love to enjoy it with a drink while sitting. Another part of the house is for toe breaking dancing, where the busy dance floor is always booming and tapping with rhythm of punk style music and great night club ambience. Sala Apolo is for the youth and the fun lovers and a great venue to enjoy life with funk and punk music.

Columbia Halle- the abode of modern music and décor in Berlin

Columbia Halle is another center of great pop music and modern music. This place in Berlin is a gorgeous abode for youth, where one would get modern decorations, and classy design. The hall is built with balcony style seating, and this imparts a robust atmosphere full of urbanization in the hall. All of the special and latest music events in Berlin gets showcased here.
More famous music venues
There are more such music venues like the Circolo Degri Artisti which is in Rome, and then there is the Paradiso club in Amsterdam. These are some of the hotspots of Europe when it comes to music, and music enthusiasts keep on traversing these destinations for more music and fun.

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