European music and its impact on the world

Have you ever seen a beautiful fish wriggling in immense pain when it’s taken out of water? Exactly the same stuffy condition engulfs a human being when he is expelled from the galaxy of music. Yes, music has that capacity to feed your mind and soul with joy, bliss and peace. Music is considered as the universal language of mankind. Its only music which can bind the worldwide s people in a strong harmonious string. Though almost all parts of the world leave some certain strong impact on each other’s music. However it’s seen that influence of European music on the world has been the strongest.

It’s all about Europe

European culture, eating habits, clothing, literature, life style -each and everything are considered to be the best exotic resources that have been almost impacted the other cultures at different part of the world. European music is attributed to be the best exotic music in all over the world that has an intense influence on the world music.

The most influenced countries

There are a huge number of classical notes allover the world which claims to be originated from the European classical music. In this case America, more significantly the black Americans can beat the other country men since their music has been largely influenced by the European music culture and trend. In case of America it’s the large number of European immigrants who came to America especially during world war two. Hence many of some classical pieces that have been originated from the European classical. Subsequently a bunch of some fresh new lyrics and a lot of new instruments are gifted by the advent of European music.

Apart from this the black people who used to be brought from the western Africa portion were told to sing the ancient European songs. Especially the slaves used to emphasize on singing old European spiritual holy songs that get developed in the church songs later. Thus Christianity got influenced by the European music. After the civil war got ended up the blacks moved to New Orleans and brought their music along with them.
Global fame

Today with the bless of globalization European music have become one of the most soothing and elite tools of entertainment for the music lovers. Now people are not only inclined towards the pure holy songs or the old classical music rather some brand new branches of European music landscape as jazz, opera , rock n roll etc have also entered different part of the world and have been entertaining people with a surprising popularity. And gradually the ocean of European music has almost flooded over the other zones as the eastern, northern and southern zone of the entire world.
Well harmony exists everywhere. From a bird’s chipper to the first droplet of each rains falling upon the ground- each owns its own music. Undoubtedly since the man kinds are harmonic creation it becomes easier for the European music to invade the whole world with its beautiful tone, structure and exotic flavor. Though revolutionary change is being evident in global music but as the precursor of all sort of classic and beautiful music European music will always possess a very special position.

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