European Film Awards 2013 – Honoring The Star’s That Never Fail To Dazzle

European Cinema

The European continent has always been a great place for performance art and fine arts, with many great artists hailing from countries like Italy, France, and Germany, etc. Also, there was no shortage in a variety as artists ranging from various fields like Arts, Lyrists, Composers and many more. One such art form is performance art or acting as we know it. Acting has always been an integral part of the European culture, with plays and storytellers who enchanted the audiences and kings and the royal families from the medieval times to their modern transformation to Actors, Actresses and Directors. Europe has a wide variety of cinema and to honor the people who make that they celebrate the European Film Awards.

The Brief History

The awards were first called as Felix Awards, but few year later the name was changed to the European Film Awards, last year Berlin had the honors of hosting the European Film Award 2013.
The awards were started in the year 1988, and Berlin was the first city to host the awards. The 2013 awards also showed lots of promise in terms of newcomers and promising artists
The award categories at the European Film Awards 2013
1. Best Film
2. Best Actor
3. Best Actress
4. Best Screenwriter
5. Best Cinematographer
6. Best Editor
7. Achievement in World Cinema
8. European Film Academy Documentary Award
9. Best Animated Film
10. The People’s Choice Award Including The Best European Film
11. Prix Eurimages
12. European Film Academy Short Film Award
13. Prix Fipresci
14. Best Composer
15. Best Production Designer

The awards also have an exclusive category, which consists of
1. Achievement in world cinema
2. Lifetime Achievement
3. Award for an artistic contribution
4. Honorary Award and
5. Award for merit.
The main highlight of that event was the movie “The Great Beauty” a film co produced by France and Italy winning the best movie award, the best actor award by following the best director award. Toni Servillo of Italy was a strong contender for the best actor, and was of no surprise when his name was called while announcing the winner.
Veerle Baetens grabbed the best actress award. The best screenwriter was awarded to “In the House,” the award for best composer for was given to “The Best Offer” some outstanding work was given in the movie.
The best costume was given to the “Snow White.” The costumes in the movie made us all realize that no matter how good the story and acting, the costumes also play a major role in making the audience believe about the work of art and make them believe in the story.
The European awards have grown in size and diversity. Since its inception in the 1988, the 2013 event saw many new entries, with many countries participating and new talent being judged, it’s getting more and more difficult for the judges, because each entry is better than the rest.

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