Europe, opera and so on!

Europe is attributed as the ancient realm of culture, literature, sophistication, tradition, aristocracy. As far the European culture is concerned the music plays the key role to enrich it with its own grandeur. European music landscape have given birth too many sorts of music as jazz, rock, classical etc. this list will remain totally worthless and incomplete without the reference to opera. Opera is an art form which is comprised of the omnipresent existence of music and any theatrical act. Generally as per European opera music and its roots, the opera is performed in an opera house, accompanied by a whole team of orchestra.


It’s the ancient 17th century European royal entertainments which cause the birth of opera in Europe. At first the seeds of opera were sowed in the landscapes of Italy and France. Generally during that time the dignitaries or rich people used to be gathered in the wedding ceremonies or political programs to show off their power and wealth. Opera played a key role in entertaining them. Drama, extravagant attires, rich music, flocks of elite spectators – the opera show used to revolve around all these following key features. But since the central motto of the show was to entertain the intellectuality of the elites it basically emphasizes on playing the music with orchestra and performing a theatrical act simultaneously on the stage. Generally the theme of the theatrical performances used to be adopted from the ancient Greek or roman myths.

An insight into the origin and development of opera

The term opera has a very strong titular significance. Opera is originated from Italian dictionary. The term opera means the combination of hard work and the result of it. More relevantly opera refers to a combined compilation where the music, dance and theatrical performance will be piled up together. Well Daphne, one of the most amazing creations of Jacopo peri is considered as the earliest opera which got staged to rejuvenate the flavor of the ancient Greek dramas. Well though Daphne was unable to live on in the spectator’s mind and soon it got dumped into their oblivions. It’s Eurydice, by Peri, which is mainly considered as the very first and most successful opera.

Prime aim of opera

Opera itself was a very magnificent arrangement which used to focus on grabbing attention of the elite foreign spectators. To entertain their sense of enrichment and sky high aristocracy, magnificent technical process and rich art forms were used to construct the whole enriched ambience of the opera theatre. Mainly, to portray a very clean and positive image of the kings and their courts, opera used to include some vast processions, beautiful dance performances, good melodious songs, interlude which altogether radiate the entire stage activities. Sometimes as the background score artificial rocky archway used to be built up to add a very royal ambience to the entire set up.
Gradually the uprising popularity of opera spread its fame among all the Europeans. Hence opera became a very inseparable part of European countries which add some extra grandeur to the European culture undoubtedly.

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