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European music and its impact on the world

Have you ever seen a beautiful fish wriggling in immense pain when it’s taken out of water? Exactly the same stuffy condition engulfs a human being when he is expelled from the galaxy of music. Yes, music has that capacity to feed your mind and soul with joy, bliss and peace. Music is considered as […]

Europe, opera and so on!

Europe is attributed as the ancient realm of culture, literature, sophistication, tradition, aristocracy. As far the European culture is concerned the music plays the key role to enrich it with its own grandeur. European music landscape have given birth too many sorts of music as jazz, rock, classical etc. this list will remain totally worthless […]

How music influences European arts

Sometimes mouth remains incapable to speak up when eyes speak volume. Similarly words fail to expose your emotion and feeling sometimes. Its music which speak your heart out. As earth is incomplete without man kinds the nature is incomplete without music which properly describes its beauty and binds the man kinds with the Mother Nature […]

The music that made Europe dance

Dance movements work as a smooth electricity f low that sources immediate happiness and relaxation to the entire human body from its top to bottom. Probably the largest number of dance types is widely evident in the entire Europe. Have a close insight into some different sorts of European folk dances. Branle During 16th century, […]

Great Music Venues In Europe Are Magnets For Music And Culture Lovers

Europe is a continent of art and culture, and people here know to live and enjoy life with full influence of great art forms, music, dance etc. Hence the land of Western music, which basically brought music and dance forms like jazz, tap dance, ballet etc to the front seat and eventually before the world, […]

European Music Evolving the English Culture through the Years

Music originates from Stone Age. Music has always been an important part of any culture and society. The music of a civilization depicts its culture, thoughts and believes. The history depicts musical traditions in ancient cultures if Egypt, China, Mesopotamia and many more places. The Greeks used several musical instruments like cymbals, drums, lyres, horns […]

The impact of Western Music on English culture

Music has been the soul touching element for the human heart for centuries. But while tracing the history of music we need to go back to as early as Stone Age. Music was prevalent in various ancient countries of China, India and Mesopotamia. It was likely that some Babylon musical theory influenced the Greek and […]

European Film Awards 2013 – Honoring The Star’s That Never Fail To Dazzle

European Cinema The European continent has always been a great place for performance art and fine arts, with many great artists hailing from countries like Italy, France, and Germany, etc. Also, there was no shortage in a variety as artists ranging from various fields like Arts, Lyrists, Composers and many more. One such art form […]

Ballet and Opera Shows in Los Angeles is most sought after

One of the benefits of those residing and visiting in Los Angeles is the presence of the finest of art that is available readily for wholesome entertainment for the entire family along with their relatives and friends. One such particular fine art is ballet and opera shows in Los Angeles. It must be remembered that […]

Melodies Of Life, Commonly Known As Music

The Early Melodies Germany has been well known for its engineering techniques and best in class products and German beer. However, Germany has also given us one of the greatest contributions to the world, its musicians. German musicians, composers, producers and artists are well renowned over the world. Germany also happens to be the largest […]